Exterior Painters in Newnan Ga

Exterior Painters in Newnan Ga

Exterior Painters in Newnan Ga


Do you find the outside of your home’s paint looking less than stellar?

Is the paint peeling and not looking like brand-new?

Do you want a brand-new look for your house with new paint?

Are you scared to do it yourself or simply don’t have the time?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you should definitely consider an exterior painter in Newnan, Georgia. This will help your house look amazing and help you to have the best looking home on your block. If you’re deciding to sell, this will help boost your home value so you can get more money.

Getting a new paint job on the outside of your home will also help protect your home from the harsh weather.

In order to have a great looking paint job on the exterior of your home it must be prepared correctly. The outside of your walls must be cleaned well to remove any mold, dirt, loose paint, or even mildew. This will help the paint to stick to the surface.

Any peeling areas or any damaged areas wanted to be corrected and if there’s peeling the paint will need to be peeled off and redone. If you have wood and there are any gaps between that would it will need to be sealed with the proper sealant to ensure that your house is not losing any heat.

Since we are the best painters in Newnan, Georgia we not only take care the paint but we take care of the preparation is.

Our exterior painting services in Newnan Ga. include the following:

  • This includes all trim and exterior walls of your home
  • Installing siding. This includes vinyl, insulated, and fiber cement.
  • We build sunrooms, decks and patios.
  • We will do various repairs including hail damage.
  • We will remove sand or any kind of debris, and snow from your home.
  • We provide a power washing service as well as a roof cleaning service.

If you choose us as your exterior painters we will:

  • Repair any cracks endings.
  • Fill holes including nail holes.
  • Clean and prepare the area for repair and paint.
  • We will caulk around windows and other joints in your home.
  • We will replace siding, stucco, and trim. This will be for an additional charge.
  • We will do all this work in a timely manner.

We do in days what would take you weeks

So why choose us?

  • We are fully experienced and exterior painting.
  • We offer full preparation, and repairs.
  • We will never leave a message your place. We will always make sure that everything is picked up and cleaned appropriately.
  • We offer free estimates as well as free color consultations.
  • We are reliable and will be there when we say that we will.
  • We offer competitive pricing.

No matter what size job you have we can do it for you. If you need exterior paint or you need interior paint do not hesitate to call us at (678) 850-9808for all your painting jobs in or around Newnan, Georgia.

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